29 January – 04 Feb Update

29 Jan – 04 Feb 2017 Update


Quote of the Week

“If you keep hanging on to whatever you think you are in yourself, you can be absolutely certain you will never know the profound peace that comes from allowing the Lord Jesus Christ to assume responsibility for your life. Death to yourself means trading what you are for what Christ is. — Ian Thomas

Dear faithful partners,
Thank you for continuing to pray for us. Sorry I was not able to send an update last week. I was away on a work project and the internet there was quite spotty. Next weekend I will be back there again, so, I may not be able to get an update off next week either. But, we’ll see.
It was so great to be able to be out of the office for a few days. With the medical evacuation of the center manager couple, our team in Madang was finding it difficult to manage getting all the houses ready for the 7 new families that arrived this past week. So, myself and a friend went down for 8 days to help get a couple houses ready for the new folks coming. I have attached some pictures below.
Here are some things you can be praying for this week.

Prayer Request

  1. This is the final week of teaching for the Mali Baining team. Please pray as they finish up the lessons and present the death burial and resurrection next weekend that God will prepare the hearts of the people. This weekend they will teach the death and burial, then on Monday next week they will be presenting the resurrection and ascension.
  2. Robin and I have the privilege of participating in a couples retreat this coming weekend. A church group from the US has provided for a retreat at one of the nice resorts in Madang. They are providing all the expenses for the weekend, food, lodging etc. We just have to get there. We are looking forward to getting away just the two of us for the weekend.
  3. Praise; Our furlough tickets are purchased! Last week we took the plunge and booked our tickets back to the US. We will be arriving in Michigan around the 14th of June. We look forward to seeing as many as we can during the next year. We will start lining things up as the time gets closer. But, for any of you churches, if you have a missions conference during 2017-2018 please let us know. We would love to participate.
  4. Continue to pray for Robin as she tries to communicate these math concepts to her 7th and 8th grade students. At times it’s a real challenge for them to grasp the new material.
  5. Continue to pray for David as he works toward being able to pass off everything he does. There’s lots of things to finish up and document for the person who will be doing my job next year. Pray also that we can find someone who can take these things on. Some of these things are very critical to keeping us in good relationships with the PNG government. So, they really can’t just be left undone.


Travis and I had a great time in Madang. Our main focus was trying to finish up the house that I helped start with Andrew’s class mates a few years ago. I am not sure if you remember that or not. But, it was a real honor to go back and be able to finish up the house I had the privilege of starting. We were able to get everything ready. The day we flew back to Goroka, the new family moved in! Praise the Lord we were able to go. It was a huge boost to the team down there.

This week I have been trying to get caught up after being gone for 8 days. One of the biggest things I need to finish is the government report of all the training and development we have done in 2016. I am training our PNGian secretary to be able to do the report. So, hopefully with some help, she should be able to do most of it next year.
I am also working with the company who developed the HR system that we use to be able to auto-generate all our government forms. This will be a huge help to our government reps especially when they have 150-180 people’s paperwork to renew all at the same time. I really need to have these things running effectively before I leave so someone else doesn’t have to come in and try and figure out what I did.

David Watters for all of us

IMG_20170124_093346662 IMG_20170117_092252996 IMG_20170118_090231851_HDRIMG_20170119_121720464

2017 Off and Running

2017 Off and Running

The view just off the coast of Kavieng

Quote of the Week

“Dying to self is a wonderful position to be in, because dead people cannot die, and dead people do not have problems.

“You see, every time you give yourself the right to have a problem or the right to worry about something, you give yourself the right to live your own life. … “Thank You, Lord! This is no longer my problem or my worry; it is Yours.”  This is the quality of life that gives you “the peace of God that passes all understanding.”                Ian Thomas

Prayer Requests

  1. This week is back to the grind stone.  Please pray for me (David) as I have an important government report that I need to have filed by early February.  I am finding it challenging to find the time to get this done, with the other things I have to do.
  2. Some of you have asked about the progress of the letter I mentioned last month.  Due to the holidays, this is the first week the Labour Department has been open.  We have not heard any news.  Please keep praying for that.  Thank you.
  3. We are gearing up for another round of orientation.  Except, we have one problem… of the 4 families and 1 single coming, only 1 of the families has actually been able to make it on time.  Everyone else has been delayed.  Pray for each of these families that their paperwork will come through, and they would be able to raise the funds they need, and they will be able come soon.  Pray for wisdom for what to do for our orientation program in the mean time.
  4. Robin is back in the classroom this week.  School starts up again on Tuesday.  Pray she can stay ahead of her students, and that they will be able to grasp the material clearly.
  5. One of the missionaries that we medevaced a few weeks ago was diagnosed with a brain tumor.  They have returned to Canada for treatment.  They leave a very large hole that we are scrambling to fill.  Please pray for Dave and Deb Rodges as they wait on the Lord for this very difficult news.  Pray that we can find the right people to fill their shows while they are gone.  Of course, we are also praying they will be able to return.


  • Robin and Hannah had a wonderful time out in Kavieng, helping at our guesthouse out there.  I have pasted some pictures below.  While out on the coast, Hannah wanted to take some more Senior Pictures as well.  So, I have included a few of those as well.  Thank you to all who enabled her to go.  It was a real encouragement to the family out there who is taking care of the guesthouse.
  • Hannah also wanted some pictures taken with her sports jersey on.  So, before they left for Kavieng, Robin took some pictures of Hannah with her sports jersey.  I have included a couple of those below also.
  • We are starting to plan out our trip “home” in June.  Hannah has decided she would like to go through Northern Ireland and spend a few days visiting a single gal that was here a couple years ago, as well as another teacher and coach who live there.  There are lots of pieces that need to come together to make all this happen.
  • Coming up in the next several months, we are planning several trips;
  • In March, We would like to go visit one of our tribal teams who are in a helicopter location.  We would like to participate in our Eastern Area conference.
  • In April, I will be going to Madang to teach 4-5 sessions on interpersonal skills with the new missionaries down there.
  • Continue to pray for the provision for these trips and that the Lord will enable us to be an encouragement and a blessing to the different ones that we visit.

Thank you so much for your continued support and prayers of us.  We could not be here with out you all behind us!  You are truly our partners in ministry.  Thank you.

David, Robin, Caleb, Hannah (and Andrew)

Painting the flat

Hannah helping paint

Making some shelving
Making some shelving

Job well done
Job well done

Senior Picture in Kavieng
Senior Picture in Kavieng

Sports Picture
Sports Picture

Senior Picture with NCA Sign
Senior Picture with NCA Sign

Merry Christmas to all

** CHRISTmas 2016 Update ———————————————————— View this email in your browser (us4.campaign-archive2.com/?u=dd8622f150b7e65875948c182&id=57f4a093b3&e=b4b38e6efe) Dear Posting email There’s nothing like being gone for a week and coming home. It’s fun to fly over the house and know you are almost home. The picture above is the mission compound where we live.
Thanks so much for praying for us the past couple weeks. You should have received a Christmas postcard from us in the mail this week. If you didn’t, it’s because I don’t have a mailing address for you. So, please write and let me know your address, so next time I send out a postcard you will receive it.
Merry Christmas to you all. It’s still Christmas day in the US. But, we enjoyed our Christmas day yesterday. In the morning, before opening gifts, we had a very nice time discussing the impact of Christ death and his resurrection life making the way for Col 1:27 to be true, “Christ in us, the hope of glory.”
Christ truly is the reason we celebrate, not only his gift of death as the payment for our sins, but also His gift of life enabling us to truly live, even today, as we respond to the Holy Spirit and choose to let Jesus use our hands, our feet, our mouth, ears, etc to live His life out for all to see. That is what Jesus did when he lived on earth. He lived in such a way that He was completely available for God to use His hands, His feet, His mouth, etc. From the time he was a baby, until he was 12 years old in the temple, and all through his earthly ministry. May we follow his example and learn to be God’s instruments to advertise His character for all to see.
It’s such a blessing to have you on our prayer team. Thank you for your continued faithfulness in praying for us. It’ so assuring to know you are standing behind us in prayer and lifting us up before the throne every week. Thank you.
For the rest of this update, I thought I would just put a bunch of pictures of what has been happening the last couple weeks.
One prayer request for you before I do that. Robin and Hannah leave New Years day for a week of work out in Kavieng. Pray for a safe trip and that they will be a blessing to the missionaries out there. They leave on Sunday and will return on Saturday.
Thanks for praying for us and standing with us this past year. We look forward to your continued partnership with us and with the Lord in the year to come.
I may not write an update next week as Sunday is New Years Day. But, once the holidays are over we will get back to “normal routine” again.
Thanks again. We appreciate you all so very much.Now for some pictures.
============================================================ The missionaries in Hoskins took us to a beautiful resort for dinner. Sese and Linna enjoyed taking some pictures of each other standing beside the water. We had a great time both with the employees and the missionaries there.
On Hannah’s bucket list was to go to this nice restaurant and take some senior pictures around the grounds. Here are some of her favorite. We had to take a picture of our family first of course.
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Prayer requests for this week

Hello all, I am sorry that I am not using the normal update format. I am having a few little issues with my computer, and don’t have them sorted out yet. But I wanted to get this out before I leave. There are several things you can be praying with us about this week.
1. On Friday I (David) was in the capital meeting with the Department of Labour. We (myself and our PNG coworker who does a lot of our government work) had a good meeting with them. They brought up some issues that they needed answers to. After talking through those things, the lady we were meeting with said that we are different, and she didn’t think we should be handled the same way as the for profit companies etc. So, she suggested we write a letter to the head of the department, explaining that, and ask him for a special exemption. This would be a huge help in us being able to get our work visas without so much hassle. Please pray as this letter gets submitted that the head of the Department of Labour would have favor on us and grant this excemption.
2. Tomorrow morning I head to Hoskins out in the islands. Monday and Tuesday I will be working with my 2 HR ladies (the ones that went to Wewak with me last month). We will meet with all the employees, explain some changes, give them some new information about some programs available to them, as well as sign all new contracts. We will also meet with the missionaries to give them some instructions about how to work with employees better. Sese and Linna with return on Tuesday.
3. I will be staying through Friday. The remaining time I will be helping with some member care things. Pray that the time will be profitable and beneficial to everyone involved.
As always, thank you for praying. Sorry I don’t have any pictures this week. I have some to show, but it will have to wait until next week. Hopefully I can get my computer working right by then.
Have a wonderful week.
David and Robin Watters david_watters@ntm.org<mailto:david_watters@ntm.org> www.wattersedge.org PNG: 7135-8372 US: (786) 408 5259 ext (246) [NTM Logo] ==============================================
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The Calm Within

The Calm Within

Matt 8:23-24 Then Jesus got into the boat and started across the lake with his disciples. Suddenly, a fierce storm struck the lake, with waves breaking into the boat. But Jesus was sleeping.

Our Reality:

"In its fury the wind takes pitchforks from the sea and hurls them at the cowering disciples. Heaving waves toss the boat back and forth on its frothy crests. Wave after wave bursts against its sides, each one sloshing more water into the boat. Some of the disciples frantically bail, while others pull at the oars, while still others wrestle to subdue the erratic sail. They are all in a frenzy." (Ken Gire, Moments with the Savior)

"Meanwhile, Jesus is fast asleep."

Our Responsibility: (Observe, Reflect, Discuss)

What do you observe when you consider the activities in your life? As you reflect on your activities, do they more closely resemble Jesus or the disciples?

Jesus said, "Come to me all you who are weary, and I will give you rest." (Matt 11:28) What does he mean? Here's a point to discuss, what is Christian rest?

"Rest is NOT inactivity. Christian rest is rest because God carries the load!" (Ian Thomas) Jesus' life was full of activity, but it was God's activity, God's words and God's actions done through Jesus. (John 14:10) Jesus could sleep in the midst of the storm because He knew God "had him." The calm after the storm was a picture of Jesus in the midst of the storm… at rest, completely confident in God's control! Does that describe you? "When you are truly relaxed in the Lord and experiencing His true rest you are simply clothes for His divine activity!" (Ian Thomas)

Our Response: (Plan, Be Accountable, Act) Restfully Available, Instantly Obedient.

"God's work is God Himself at work." (Ian Thomas) There's a big difference between "working for God," and "God Himself at work." When we live, resting in the activity of God within us, our lives can be glassy as the sea inside while the storm rages all around us on the outside. How much of what you do is God at work through you? Here's a suggested plan. As you go throughout your day, take a minute to acknowledge Him in the activities you are doing. (Prov 3:5-6) Seek to be his hands and feet, clothes for His divine activity, so that when others see you, they are looking at Him.

My Prayer (request):

Heavenly Father, I pray we would be your hands and feet today. May we be clothes for your divine activity! May we not be striving in our strength to work for you, but may we learn to rest, as Jesus did, and be available for you to do your work through us!

David and Robin Watters 

Dear Brothers and Sisters… The Process of Growth

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
Have you ever had a time in your life when you really wanted to grow in a particular area, but although you have tried, you feel like you just can’t seem to make any progress? During the SEW weekend with the teens a couple weeks ago, the speaker shared some great advice about growth and what it takes. As I have thought about this process, I really feel it is a great foundation for where the Lord would have me go with these posts. So, this morning I would like to share the process, then in future posts, I would like to use this process to explore areas of our lives where the Lord may be challenging us to grow.
Growth… what does it take?
2 Peter 1:5-8 … make every effort to add to your faith goodness… self-control… godliness… brotherly kindness… and love. 8 For if you possess these qualities in increasing measure, they will keep you from being ineffective and unproductive in your knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Our Reality:
When I was younger I was a competitive athlete. Before each race, my coach would give me workouts specific to my events. He would help me with my technique and my mindset. He would make me work my tail off so that when I got on the track, I would be the best I could be. It took observing where I could improve, reflecting on what it would take to get me there, and discussion of what I needed to do. We would come up with a plan, then put that plan into action. But, he didn’t just leave me to work it out myself, he was always there to hold me accountable, and make sure I followed through.

Our Responsibility: (Observe, Reflect, Discuss)
When is the last time you stopped to observe where you need to improve and reflect on what it will take to get you there? How are you doing in your walk with God, in your marriage, parenting your kids? Men, how are you doing in your thought life? Where would you like to be?

Our Response: (Plan, Be Accountable, Act)
Peter warns us in 2 Peter 1 that if we aren’t growing, what we know about God will become ineffective and unproductive in our lives. Just observing and reflecting isn’t enough. We need to take those reflections and make a plan to get us there. Then, most importantly, we need to ask someone to hold us accountable to our plan. So, what’s your plan, and who will hold you to it?

My Request:
My prayer is that these short posts will inspire you to seek the Lord for where He wants you to grow. What is an area the Lord has been challenging you to grow in? Take some time today to observe, reflect and discuss where you are at and where you would like to be? Then, make a plan for how to get there, and ask someone to hold you accountable? If you need someone to do that, I would be glad to help. I will be praying for you in this journey! ==============================================
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Restfully Available, Instantly Obedient

Isaiah 6:7-8 7And he touched my mouth and said: “Behold, this has touched your lips; your guilt is taken away, and your sin atoned for. 8And I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send, and who will go for us?” Then I said, “Here I am! Send me.”

Our Reality:

Isaiah’s response to God’s forgiveness is an incredible example to us. He didn’t know what the task was, or where God needed someone to go, but when he recognized what God had done for him, his immediate response was, “I am available!” Knowing he was forgiven, he acted as if he was forgiven, and said, “There is nothing else more important… I am here, right now, send me.”

How does the knowledge of God’s love and His forgiveness of you affect your life?

Our Responsibility:

“God sent us His Son not just to get you and me out of hell and into heaven, but to get the God of heaven into you and me,” “so it is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me. And the life I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God who loved me and gave himself for me.” (Ian Thomas, Gal 2:20)

Colossians 1:27 tells me that the hope of glory, the answer to this hope that I can live a life pleasing and honoring to God, is Christ in me! Ephesians 3:8 describes Christ in me as “unsearchable riches.” Colossians 2:3 also says that “in Christ are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.” 

When the truth of our forgiveness really sinks in, it should produce an increasing desire to understand and know Him. Paul’s words in Philippians 3:10 are a great example to us; “For my determined purpose is that I may know Him—that I may progressively become more deeply and intimately acquainted with Him, perceiving and recognizing and understanding the wonders of His Person more strongly and more clearly, and that I may in that same way come to know the power out-flowing from His resurrection” (Philippians 3:10, AMP).

As we grow in acquaintance with Christ, Paul’s words in Philippians 1:21 should become our prayer, “For me to live is Christ and to die is gain.” “I am a redeemed sinner, and the risen Jesus has come to reinvade my humanity so that He can serve with my hands, walk with my feet, speak with my lips, see with my eyes, hear with my ears, think with my mind, and love with my heart, so that to me, to live now is Christ. It is my privilege as a forgiven sinner to place my humanity at His disposal so that others looking at me will see Him behaving, just as those who looked at Jesus saw His Father behaving.” (Ian Thomas)

Our Response: Restfully Available, Instantly Obedient.

The knowledge of his forgiveness produced in Isaiah an attitude of restful availability, while at the same time, instantly obedient. Paul’s growing understanding of His savior also produced an attitude of restful availability (For me to live is Christ) and the attitude of instant obedience (Col 1:28-2:2)

  • How are you allowing the Lord Jesus to serve with your hands?
  • How can you allow Him to walk with your feet?
  • How can you allow Him to speak with your lips?
  • How can you allow Him to see with your eyes? • How can you allow Him to hear with your ears?
  • How can you allow Him to think with your mind?
  • How can you allow Him to love with your heart?

Our Request

Lord, thank you for the men and women and the boys and girls whose faces I have never looked and whose names I have never heard, but to whom you are going to speak and to whose lives you are going to add your life.. Redeemed from darkness, taken out of death, raised into life from the power of your resurrection. I thank you for defeated, frustrated exhausted Christians who you are going to emancipate and lead into the glorious secret of living life as God intended life to be. Lord, it’s wonderful. I don’t know who they are, or where they live. I don’t know at what corner I am going to meet them, but it as sure as the dawn. Because it’s just like you to do things like that. And I am available. That’s the privilege you have given to me! No matter what I am doing, no matter where I am going, I want to proceed with this as my prayer, “Lord, how do you want to use me to be a blessing through this activity?” I am available. (Ian Thomas)

Dom Bible Dedication Report

Dom Bible Dedication Report

Quote of the Week

“I will bless the Lord at all times. His praise shall continually be in my mouth. Oh magnify the Lord with me, and let us exalt his name together!” Ps 34:1,3

Dear faithful partners,

I feel so incredibly privileged to have been a part witnessing the dedication of the New Testament to the Dom people. The work began among the Dom people in 1975 with Colin and Brenda Lamb. It was an honor to have Colin and his son Martin and their family out for the dedication. (Martin was my room mate in Bible school, so that made it even more special). Jim and Judy Burdett have carried the work on since joining the team in the 80s. The translation of the Dom New Testament took Jim 30 years to complete, with the help of many of the Dom people and the Holy Spirit!

I’ll share a little more in the News section. But, let me give you some things to pray about this week before I go on. Thank you for your continued faithfulness in praying for us. It’s such a blessing to have you on our prayer team. Thank you. Here’s our prayer summary and news for this week.

Prayer Request

  1. Praise for dry weather, and a beautiful day for the Bible Dedication. Praise for safety for the 30 + people who traveled from here to the Dedication. I can’t tell you how much I value all of your prayers for these times of traveling on the roads here in PNG. I have never felt the Lord’s presence more. So, thank you for praying.
  2. Robin called this morning from New Tribes Bible Institute. Andrew is now officially a Bible School student. He has his room, his class schedule etc. Tonight will be his first night in the dorm. Continue to pray that he will settle in well.
  3. Robin will leave on Sunday and begin her long trip back to PNG. She will fly out of Grand Rapids on Tuesday morning. Pray for her long travel. Pray for her “goodbye.” Both Andrew and mom seem to be doing fine at the moment. I will pick her up here in Goroka on Friday morning!
  4. This week, my coworker is in the bush with his church. So I am on my own with the orientation for the week. Pray that I can continue to juggle my responsibilities well and not miss anything.


We are so privileged growing up in the US with God’s Word readily available in our language. And not just one version, but a version for every kind of thinking and walk of life we may have. These people have never had God’s word in their language. They have waited 30 years as they have helped Jim work through the New Testament one verse at a time! Ad they carried their Bible up to the dedication, they carried them high and sang songs of rejoicing! God’s Word was finally available in their language!

The written word has sparked a fire among the people in the Dom area. Now that God’s Word is in their language, there is a hunger to read, a hunger to hear it, a hunger to understand what it has to say! The work of the past 40 years has been difficult. There has not been a lot of interest. So, it’s exciting to see what God’s written Word is doing among the Dom people today. As Psalm 34 says, “Magnify the Lord with me and let us exalt His name!”

Thanks for enabling us to be a part of the team who has supported Colin and Brenda and Jim and Judy for all these years, in order to bring God’s Word to the people of the Dom. You all have had a part of this. Although you couldn’t be there in person, I know you were praying, and your giving, praying and supporting us is part of the large team that enabled this to happen.

As always, thanks for praying, thanks for giving, thanks for encouraging! Your investment has made this possible. Thanks for your part on the team developing churches in PNG.

David Watters for all of us

We were invited to join the parade carrying the Bible’s in. What an honor.

Be Thankful in Everything

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

1 Thess 5:16-18 commands us to “Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus. (NIV) How many times have you read these verses and thought to yourself, “How in the world does God expect me to do that?” Always be joyful. Constantly praying. And the last one, give thanks in all circumstances. I mean really, come on. How does He expect us to do that? 

Lately this seems to be a bit of a theme in my times with God. God says, “Give thanks in ALL circumstances.” “Be joyful ALWAYS.” How is that possible? The answer I believe is in how well we know God. Not just a theological definition of His character and what He can do, but a practical, personal, intimate knowledge of Him. The kind of knowledge of God that Job spoke of in Job 42 where, at the end of everything that happened to him he declared, “I had only heard about you before, but now I have seen you with my own eyes.” (Job 42:5 NLV) 

Paul tells us in Romans 5:3-5 that trials teach us patience. Patience produces character in our lives. As we see God work, it gives us hope, the confident expectation that God is going to keep His word. But, from there, Paul says, “And this hope will not lead to disappointment. For we will know how dearly God loves us, because he has given us the Holy Spirit to fill our hearts with his love.” Trials will produce an understanding of the love of God that we had not previously known, just like Job said. 

Lewis Sperry Chafer in his book titled “Salvation” wrote; “Could it be possible that God would so love an individual as to give His only Son to die for him and still love him to the extent of following him with the pleadings and drawings of His grace until He has won that soul into His own family and created him anew by the impartation of His own divine nature, and then be careless as to what becomes of the one He has thus given His all to procure?” 

How well do we really know our savior? I am not talking about your theological knowledge or textbook definitions. I am talking about knowing and experiencing His love to the extent that it is something that is constantly part of your thoughts and brings joy to our hearts as we reflect upon it. That, I believe is what Paul’s challenge was in 1 Thess 5. In fact, it’s more than a challenge, he said, “This is God’s will for you!” God wants us to come to know God so well that we will be reflecting upon Him throughout the day (pray continually), and as we do, it will bring joy to our hearts (be joyful always). Then, as we face the circumstances of life, the hope that we have, that confident expectation that has been built through knowing and seeing His faithfulness, will cause us to give Him thanks for each and every circumstance that He brings into our lives! 

So, what will help you to reflect upon Him throughout the day? Here’s some practical ideas that I have found helpful in my own life: 

  1. I find music is something that sticks with me. How many times do you catch yourself reciting the words of a catchy tune in your head? Some of those you just can’t get out of your head. So, use that to help you reflect on God. Find a worship song or an old hymn, something that you can listen to at the beginning of your day that will help you reflect on Him throughout the day. 
  2. Scripture verses: Some people have a routine of scripture memory. And if you can do that, that’s great. I find that difficult, so instead, I just have verses written out that I pray through on a regular bases. Verses on different subjects; God’s love, God’s knowledge, God’s power, etc. Bring them with you and read through them when you have down times during the day. 
  3. I start each day off reading a devotional and my Bible. Many of the quotes shared in this article came from the devotional book “None But the Hungry Heart” by Miles Stanford, and from my Bible reading. There’s nothing like filling your mind with scripture to start your day, to provide the tools to be able to reflect on Him. 

Whatever you do, I encourage you to begin making a habit of reflecting on God, his character and his faithfulness throughout the day. As you do, you will find joy in life and you will become more thankful for who God is and what He does! Thankful to be one of God’s kids 

David Watters 

21-28 August – Thanking God for new missionaries

21-28 August 2016 Update

Quote of the Week

The man in Christ has only HIS past and that is perfect and acceptable to the Father.  — Miles Stanford

Dear faithful partners,
I am so excited to share with you this group of brand new missionaries to PNG.  We are so thrilled to have them.  As I said last week, we have 2 airplane mechanics, a pilot, a flight coordinator, a couple teachers, an electrical engineer, a systems engineer and some moms.  We had our first official week of orientation, and it was a blast.  I’ll share more in the news update.

Thank you for your continued faithfulness in praying for us.  It’ so assuring to know you are standing behind us in prayer and lifting us up before the throne every week.  We couldn’t be here helping these folks get adjusted to life on the mission field without you behind us.  It’s such a blessing to have you on our prayer team. Thank you.  Here’s our prayer summary and news for this week 

Prayer Request

  1. The biggest prayer request for this week is for the Dom Bible Dedication on Friday. We will be traveling up with about 20 other people from here to attend and to celebrate with the Dom Church. The road can be quite treacherous if the get a lot of rain. PLEASE PRAY FOR NO RAIN at least a couple days before so that all of the visitors can get in and out without too much difficulty. These are always amazing opportunities to celebrate what God has done!
  2. Continue to pray for these new families as they adjust to life here. Lots of things to learn, lots of things to adjust to. It’s been a great week, and they are doing very well. Thank the Lord with us for each one. (The Leedahl family, the Mark family, Ebel family, Joey Redhead, Matt Dooley, The Bickett family, and the Gray Family.)
  3. Robin will be dropping Andrew off at New Tribes Bible Institute in Jackson Michigan this coming weekend. Pray for Andrew that he will settle in well. Pray for Robin as she says goodbye!
  4. Praise the Lord with us for the provision of Robin’s return tickets. Thank you Brian for your sacrifice and willingness to help us get Robin back to PNG.


This week was a lot of fun with the new missionaries. Each morning we started out with hearing their testimonies and the stories of how God brought them here. It was really amazing. It’s so cool what God does to work in people’s heart to be apart of what He is doing here. As you can see from the various kinds of people the Lord has brought us in this group, we need many kinds of people to support what God is doing, planting churches in the remote areas. If any of you are skilled, and would enjoy using the abilities God has given you on the mission field, we would love to have you. Continue to pray for people to fill the many roles that it takes to keep the church planting moving forward.

We have another week of general orientation, then we will be
diving right into language and culture study. They are all very excited to learn. It’s so fun to watch.

As Robin finishes up here time in the states, one of her
dear friends invited her and a couple other ladies up to their cabin in the UP
of Michigan for a few days. Below are a
couple pictures of Robin and her friends enjoying their time together. I am so glad she was able to do that before
heading back. Her trip back will be next
week Tue through Thur. So, I will have
that on the list of things to pray for next week.

As always, thanks for praying. You are such a vital part of our team, and we
are grateful for your partnership!

David Watters for all of us